Would you like to see lasting change in our lives and communities? 

My name is David Richmond. I support people to adopt strategic approaches to creative development.

This is our moment is a rolling programme of authentic creative development in which everything we do is focussed on our long-term development as individuals, groups and communities.

Join me for a Walk in Development and experience a creative alignment between our own development, those around us and the wider world.

Better still, why not join our community where we support each other’s development journeys and create resources that inspire and facilitate sustainable social change?

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This is our moment

This is Our Moment is a rolling programme of authentic creative development and a long-term commitment to sustainable social change.

It is a record of our on-going creative journey and a resource to inspire further development.

This is our moment creates the context for sustainable social change by ensuring everything we do  is focused on our long-term development and everything we share helps build a creative resource for both ourselves and others. 

If, like me, you are tired of one-off projects and short term initiatives,  and want to be able to facilitate lasting change in our lives and communities then join me for a walk in development and I’d be delighted to tell you more.

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Join our community

A development community is a group of people who support each other’s journey in development and share what we learn to build resources for further creative development.

For as little as $1 dollar a month you can join our community.

Every contribution makes it easier for us to build partnerships and develop new projects and initiatives – which you’ll be the first to hear about!  For those that can contribute more there are lots more benefits including personal and team walks and on-going support and resources to develop yourself, your team or organisation.

As the network grows we’ll be able to support more people, provide more walks, forums and events, create better resources, develop partnership projects and much more…

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