This is our moment

Walks in Development are short walks that focus on our creative development.     They remind us who we are and bring us into a creative alignment with those around us and the wider world.

After each walk I provide reminders of the moments we experienced, help to create our own development resource and support our next steps.

 Every moment brings a seed of development,

an opportunity for collaboration

and the possibility of a better world.

Join me on a walk in development and help ensure that every one of us has the resources we need to be our true creative selves.


My name is David Richmond.

I am no expert but I do have over 30 years’ experience as a facilitator and strategic thinker.

I facilitate walks in development and support people to find the resources we need to be our true creative selves.

My work is based on a simple process of creative alignment which helps us understand the resources we already have and create opportunities for mutual development.

I support people to pull together the various aspects of our lives and produce resources that inspire further development.

I would be delighted to walk alongside you.


I support people to create development resources.

We are all in development and we all have our moments.

I’d like to invite you to share the moments that help us be ourselves and allow them to inspire further creative development.

Consciously building our development resources helps us stay positive and learn from our experiences. It also brings together the various aspects of our lives and work and helps stimulate further development.

Ultimately it helps ensure that every one of us has the resources we need to be our true creative selves.


Join our network in development.

It is OK to be in development. We all need people who believe in us and will support us to be our true creative selves.

By joining our network you’ll be supporting me to be myself, making it easier for me to support others and accessing a supportive community who can help you be yourself.

As the network grows we’ll be able to support more people, provide more walks, forums and events, create better resources, develop partnership projects and much more.

You can join  for as little as $1 dollar a month.   For those that can contribute more there are lots more benefits including personal and team walks and on-going support and resources to develop yourself, your team or organisation.

Join our network here and:  Become a Patron!


This is Our Moment is a development resource for everyone.

The world changes in a moment and this is our moment.

We all have a development framework – it is our understanding of who we are, how we interact with other people and the wider world.  It is informed by every moment we have lived and informs everything we do.

This is Our Moment helps us explore our framework and build a growing resource for own development and others’.

We are all in development, we are all asking the same questions.

This is our moment helps us explore these questions together;  to facilitate mutual support and collaboration between people at different moments in our development journeys; and to help us all  focus  on our long-term development as individuals, groups and communities.

Please feel free to share your moments – every contribution counts towards a comprehensive resource that can help us all be our true creative selves.

How you can contribute