Would  you like someone to walk alongside you?  My name is David Richmond. I  have been supporting the creative development of  individuals, groups and communities for over 30 years.

I lead Walks in Development to facilitate authentic creative development.

The walks are particularly useful for individuals and teams that are going through change.

They help us  experience a creative alignment with those around us and with the wider world.

Every walk comes with support and suggestions to help you understand, articulate and implement your own development framework.

Contact me  if you would like to experience a walk for yourself or join our peer support community:  become a Patron 

Walks in development

Walks in Development are short walks that help us focus on our creative development.  They help remind us who we are and bring us into a creative alignment with those around us and the wider world.

After each walk I will send you some reminders of the moments we experience on the walk and some suggestions to help you create your own development framework .

Here’s  what people say about the process but to fully understand a walk you need experience it yourself. Besides, every walk is unique – you are the expert – my role is simply to walk alongside you and support you to be  yourself.

Contact me for a free taster walk and a discussion about how I can support your development needs. 

In the meantime here are some examples to give you an idea of what is possible:


Your own personal walk, development support and framework suggestions.

Perfect for people considering a new project or  life change.



Three walks a year, on-going development support and framework suggestions.  

Ideal for people implementing a new project or change of life.



Team development day, development support and framework suggestions.

Great for teams entering a new project or phase of development.



Three walks a year, on-goingdevelopment support and framework suggestions.

Ideal if you’d like someone to walk with you and your team through the whole process of  implementing a new project or change.


* These are example costs please  contact me for a bespoke package to suit your development needs.


Join our community

A development community is a group of people who support each other’s journey in development and share what we learn to build resources for further creative development.

For as little as $1 dollar a month you can join our community.

Every contribution makes it easier for us to build partnerships and develop new projects and initiatives – which you’ll be the first to hear about!  For those that can contribute more there are lots more benefits including personal and team walks and on-going support and resources to develop yourself, your team or organisation.

As the network grows we’ll be able to support more people, provide more walks, forums and events, create better resources, develop partnership projects and much more…

Join our community here and:  Become a Patron!

This is our moment

This is Our Moment is a practical enquiry into the nature of authentic creative development.

It is a record of a journey in development (the walks we embark on, the people we walk with and the moments we experience on the way) and a resource to inspire further development.

We aim to discover, nurture and share moments of creative development and explore how they can help us live authentic, connected, purposeful lives – lives that are constantly in development.

Read on here or Contact me for more information.