This is our moment, to be in development

We are all in development.  We all have a basic human need to be creative, to collaborate with others and to contribute to something greater than ourselves.

Only creative alignment produces authentic creative development,  it is the only way we can create sustainable social change and build communities where every one of us has the capability to be our true creative selves

Experience creative alignment for yourself in a walk in development and let me show you how it can help us to:

Every moment brings a seed of development an opportunity for collaboration and a chance to change the world.  The world changes in a moment and this is our moment. Let’s make the most of it!


Walks in Development are short walks that help us focus on our creative development.

Walking help us connect with our true creative selves and find an alignment with those around us and with the wider world.  

We remind ourselves of moments from the walk to help us carry the experience  into our life and work. 

There are lots of different ways we can remind ourselves of the moments we experience.  For example, we can collect them together in a Padlet or a ‘Stampsy’.


Here’s  what people say but why not experience it for yourself?

Contact me for a free taster walk and a discussion about how I can support you to adopt a strategic approach to creative development. 



Strategic approaches to creative development help us all live our true creative lives.

Development is something most of us value but few of us prioritise. When we are under pressure we find it hard to plan ahead and make strategic life decisions and even when we can afford it we often prefer to keep busy. As a result our day-to-day activities become increasingly ineffective and we miss out on the long-term benefits of strategic approaches.

This effect is even more marked when our activities affect others. Short-term projects and community development initiatives are rarely designed to have a lasting strategic impact. This is as frustrating as it is unneccesary.

We can’t keep having our expectations raised and rebuffed, we can’t keep working harder for diminishing returns and we can’t keep investing when we see no legacy of lasting change.

Strategic approaches to creative development do not have to be time consuming or onerous, we don’t even have to stop what we are doing. There are some very simple tools and processes that can help us build a developmental approach into our practice so that everything we do becomes increasingly strategic over time.

I’d be delighted to help you create your own strategic approach to creative development. I will  walk alongside you, help make sense of all your various ideas, motivations and aspirations and find a way forward that is self-organised, collaborative and sustainable.

Together we can find the authentic creative development that occurs when we are true to ourselves and aligned with those around us and the wider world.


Join our network in development.

Being in development involves uncertainty, risk and vulnerability as well as hope, wonder and possibility. We all need people who believe in us and will support us to be our true creative selves..

By joining our network you’ll be supporting me to be myself, making it easier for me to support others and accessing a supportive community who can help you be yourself.

As the network grows we’ll be able to support more people, provide more walks, forums and events, create better resources, develop partnership projects and much more.

You can join  for as little as $1 dollar a month.   For those that can contribute more there are lots more benefits including personal and team walks and on-going support and resources to develop yourself, your team or organisation.

Join our network here and:  Become a Patron!


This is Our Moment is a development resource to help us  record and learn from the moments that matter to us.

Development is about who we are not what we have. It is about the moments we experience and how we respond to them. The world changes in a moment and this is our moment.

We all have a development framework – it is our understanding of who we are, how we interact with other people and the wider world.  It is informed by every moment we have lived and informs everything we do.

This is Our Moment helps us explore our framework and record our learning so we can keep contributing to a growing resource for own development and others’.

This is the moment that brings us all together. We are all in development, in our various ways we are all asking the same questions. This is our moment helps us explore these questions together;  to facilitate mutual support and collaboration between people at different places on our development journeys; and to help us all  focus  on our long-term development as individuals, groups and communities.

Please don’t be shy about using the resource in any way that helps and do please share what  you learn – you’ll be helping create a comprehensive resource that can be useful in a wide range of contexts

How you can contribute

  • Use our seeds of development   to stimulate development for yourself, your group or community.  (Every question follows the same process so we can work through them in any order and at our own pace).
  • Create your own strategic approach to creative development – contact me for details.
  • Collaborate  with others through  our development network.
  • Contribute to our growing resource by sharing your learning .

Every moment brings a seed of development an opportunity for collaboration and a chance to change the world.