Authentic Creative Development

Authentic Creative Development is the positive mutual development that occurs when we are in  a creative alignment   with those around us and the wider world.

We are all in development – we are all constantly shaping and being shaped by our interactions with each other and the wider world. Authentic creative development occurs when these three dimensions of development are in creative alignment.

Authentic creative development is both a goal and a journey – we achieve development by being in development – it is a journey of increasing possibiity in which each step opens up new opportunities for ourselves and for others in a virtuous cycle of positive, mutual development.

It starts with accepting and appreciating who we are. It is OK to be ourselves.

  •  It is only when we are in development that we can be ourselves. 
  • It is only when we are ourselves that we can support each other effectively.
  •  It is only when we support each other that we can create real and lasting change.

Authentic Creative Development is the only way to achieve sustainable social change.

Contact me if you’d like someone to walk with you on the journey.

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