Sustainable Social Change

We change the world – by being ourselves.

The problems of the world are too large and complex for any of us to tackle  on our own but that does not mean we should not try – just that we should find a different approach. It is time to accept that none of us can deliver sustainable social change but that we may be able to create it together –  if we adopt a development approach.

Only authentic creative development satisfies the three requirements of sustainable social change: creativity, collaboration and context.

  • Creativity is change. Development  can only occur where we are open to something new and  beyond our control.
  • Collaboration is required because we cannot create lasting change by trying to do things to or for other people – we can only create change together.
  • We need a context for sustainable social change otherwise our actions can have no lasting legacy.

The good news is that there is that we are the context for sustainable social change! Individually we will live for the whole history of the world as we experience it and collectively we’ll be alive for all of humanity, we create sustainable social change when we understand our actions in the context of our long-term development.

  • The only way we can meaningfully engage in development is by being ourselves (We may be employed to work with other people but  this does not remove us from the reality that we are involved with each other).
  • The only meaningful relationships are human relationships.
  • The only sustainable change is human development.

Ultimately, all development centres on our capability to be ourselves  so our message is clear – if you want to change the world – be yourself.

The Arts in Development programme is a long-term commitment to sustainable social change. It provides a rolling programme of creative development that anyone can join at any time with every contribution helping to build a growing resource for further creative development.