Being in development

Development is the art of living.  All development centres on our capability to be ourselves.  It is about who we are not what we have, its focus is not on things but on moments that matter. 

Being in development is about staying open, learning, exploring, growing together. At the very least it is about being prepared to let go of certainty and explore the possibility that there might still be something new to learn.

Being in development is not about answers but questions, it is not about what we already know but what we can learn with each other, it is not about blaming others or expecting others to solve our problems for us  but about all of us taking responsibility for both our  own personal development and for our collective development.

Development is self-organised, social and strategic it is an ongoing,  cyclical and often chaotic process where we learn from and with each other – we all try to support each other to be positive and learn from our experience.

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