Development Framework

The Arts in Development framework is a tool to facilitate authentic creative development. 

We all have a development framework – it is our understanding of who we are, how we relate with other people and the wider world.  It is informed by everything we have done and informs everything we do. 

If we are not careful our development framework can easily lead to a negative spiral of increasing dependency and oppression.

However, If we choose to examine our development framework and make a conscious effort to align ourselves with those around us and the wider world then we can create a positive cycle of authentic creative development. 

The Arts in Development framework is designed to facilitate this process. 


When we are in development every moment brings a seed of development, an opportunity for collaboration and a chance to change the world.

Do contact me if you would like me to walk alongside you and help you to explore, articulate and implement your own development framework – you can see some examples  here.