What people say

“The walks were such a good opportunity for us to develop as a team and discuss issues in a relaxed but focused way.”

Grace Kress, Impact and Creative Programme Director, PAPER Arts.

“Learning a new systematic way of approaching development of an idea/person/project was super helpful – and then understanding how to turn that systematic brain-storming into a business plan is an ingenious development of that process”.
Sara Zaltash, Artist

“Regarding the process, I found it inspired. I feel that it really highlights how less is more. Your approach is completely unobtrusive, but what you provide is an environment and a situation where you feel relaxed and at ease and with the space to talk as you wish.

By allowing the conversation to be led by the individual I think you really helped us get to the bottom of any issues and with a deeper understanding than if someone has simply told us what to change and how to do it. I have not hesitated to recommend your process to people and hope that it does have an impact for you.”

Georgina Mallabar, Director, PAPER Arts.