Can you imagine what social justice would look like?

I would like to see communities where everyone has the capability to fulfil their potential. I’m not talking about some heavenly vision of fully realised individuals but a real place where we all feel valued and respected and have every opportunity to find out who we want to be, where we explore life’s journey together.

What would such a place look like? What would be different if we were all able to be our true, creative selves? Is it really that hard to imagine?

Of course there would be a lot of changes, I suggest that:
Instead of competing, we would be creating
Instead of teaching, we would be learning
Instead of consuming, we would be collaborating
Instead of delivering – or receiving – we would be realising our potential, together.

Everywhere we looked there would be creative people, projects and places but the I thing we would notice most is that we would have all got a lot better at providing opportunities for each other, at building our capabilities together.

With social justice would come a recognition that creativity, inclusion and sustainable development are good for life and good for business. In a society built on social justice we would all realise just how closely our mutual interests are aligned; that we all contribute best by being our best and that we are all at our best when we listen and learn from each other.

A world of social justice would be one where everywhere we went we would find simple ways to build capability and find opportunities for creative experimentation and peer to peer learning.

If we were serious about social justice, we would assume that each and everyone one of us has a unique creative potential that needs to be recognised, valued and nurtured, that we all need to learn from each other and that none of us can fully realise our creative potential in a society that aspires to anything less than social justice for everyone.

So, why not make that assumption now? Why not start working together to build capability everywhere, to create opportunities for each other and give us all every chance to live in the creative, inclusive and sustainable communities we all deserve?

If you’d like to help build social justice now, here’s a few simple things you can do:

• Design and share a simple creative challenge that can help people get involved in a collaborative project or make the most of a public space near you.
• Choose your own creative challenge to do on your own or to share with a group
• Explore your creative potential?
⁃ What is your vision?
⁃ What capabilities will you build?
⁃ What can you offer?

Do let me know how you get on!

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