Four Steps to Sustainable Social Change.

To build sustainable social change we need:

1. A process that everyone can contribute to on an equal basis.
2. A means to unlocking our potential.
3. A method that everyone can use to build and measure development.
4. A long-term plan that puts everything we do into context 

We can do this through collaborative, creative capability development:

1. Collaborative – an equal process for people to support each other.
2. Creative –  the key to unlocking our potential.
3. Capability – a  method to build and measure all development 
4. Development – a long-term plan that puts everything we do into context. 

I am working with art + power to put this process into practice by developing ‘Tool Shops’ in our community.  We want to see Tool Shops in lots of different spaces – cafés, galleries, community centres etc –  so that everyone – and particularly disabled and socially excluded people can use the community to build their capabilities. 

Tool Shops can help create sustainable change for individuals and organisations but what about communities?   That’s where art + power comes in. 

art + power is an inclusive network of people that support each other to create sustainable social change. Everyone is welcome, every contribution is valued and everything that people share contributes towards a long-term strategic plan to build communities where everyone has the capability to fulfil their potential. 

(You can read more about tool shops and sustainable social change here.)

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