A development community is a group of people who support each other to be ourselves.

Being true to ourselves is not about trying to be some perfect version of ourselves or the person we think others want us to be. It is about being who we really are in this moment, a person in development.

We seek this authenticity in our own lives, in our relations with others and in our commitment to sustainable social change.

By joining our community you’ll be supporting me to be myself, making it easier for me to support others and accessing a supportive community who can help you be yourself.

As the network grows we’ll be able to support more people, provide more walks, forums and events, create better resources, develop partnership projects and much more.

You can join our community for as little as $1 dollar a month.   For those that can contribute more there are lots more benefits including personal and team walks and on-going support and resources to develop yourself, your team or organisation.

Join our community here and:  Become a Patron!