So, farewell then 2016.

During 2016 the forces of division have grown much stronger but they have not won and they will not prevail. There are plenty of reasons to be positive…

We are all reasons to be positive. Whether we like it or not,  no one of us is an island,  all our choices and decisions affect each other, we are one.  We will build a better world in 2017 if we are positive, engage with our creative potential and find ways to build our capabilities together.  It will not be easy, but it will be worth it. 

The challenge is clear – in a society characterised by inequality far too many  of us have been dis-engaged and left without the capability to fulfil our potential.   When the opportunities for engagement are so limited it should be no surprise if many of us choose  to use our one vote to protest. Nor should we be surprised that we’ve been trumped by the return of the big lie

Whilst it is easy to understand the appeal of simple slogans and comforting certainties they can bring no lasting solutions.  Nor are protests and petitions any substitute for genuine engagement,  modern life is  complex and nuanced. There no simple answers, but then that is the beauty of life.

In 2017 we don’t need answers, we need questions and we need creativity. We need leaders who are brave enough to tell us that they don’t know and are open enough to engage us in all in exploring life’s questions together. 

Our individual and collective challenge is to find more effective ways to engage with our creative potential.  

It will not be easy.  All meaningful development is long-term and incremental. It involves frustrations, risk, and vulnerability. Yet it also involves  excitement,  possibility and wonder and we will not have to do it alone – creative development is a collaborative process

Whilst every aspect of our working and everyday life is changing rapidly, we must unlearn and re-learn how we will live with each other. We will have to leave behind our certainties, to stop pretending to be the finished article and allow ourselves to be in development,  to stay open to the possibility of learning and development, to be open to question and open to each other.

The forces of negativity and division cannot prevail if we are able to engage with our best,  most creative selves. If, and only if, we are prepared to become the people we can be we can build communities we can all be proud to live in.

2016 was a year of negativity, death and division. Let’s make 2017 a year  positivity, creativity and collaboration.

 Let’s make 2017 the year we really begin to engage  with our extraordinary creative potential.

Happy New Year!

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