Strategic approaches to creative development help us all live our true creative lives.

Development is something most of us value but few of us prioritise. When we are under pressure we find it hard to plan ahead and make strategic life decisions and even when we can afford it we often prefer to keep busy. As a result our day-to-day activities become increasingly ineffective and we miss out on the long-term benefits of strategic approaches.

This effect is even more marked when our activities affect others. Short-term projects and community development initiatives are rarely designed to have a lasting strategic impact. This is as frustrating as it is unneccesary.

We can’t keep having our expectations raised and rebuffed, we can’t keep working harder for diminishing returns and we can’t keep investing when we see no legacy of lasting change.

Strategic approaches to creative development do not have to be time consuming or onerous, we don’t even have to stop what we are doing. There are some very simple tools and processes that can help us build a developmental approach into our practice so that everything we do becomes increasingly strategic over time.

I’d be delighted to help you create your own strategic approach to creative development. I will  walk alongside you, help make sense of all your various ideas, motivations and aspirations and find a way forward that is self-organised, collaborative and sustainable.

Together we can find the authentic creative development that occurs when we are true to ourselves and aligned with those around us and the wider world.