This is our moment

This is our moment

Would you like to find out what happens if we keep putting one foot in front of the other?

This is Our Moment is an on-going project to go for a walk and see where it takes us.

In a walk in development we seek an open, nurturing environment where we support each other to  find our best moments.  In This is our Moment we follow our moments,  see where they lead us and share what we learn.

We follow various strands of enquiry including:

  • How can people live authentic, connected and purposeful lives?
  • How can places create enabling environments?
  • How can projects foster sustainable social change?

As we walk we create a record of our journey in development and share what we learn to build a resource to inspire further development.

Do let me know if you have a strand of enquiry you would like to explore. I am happy to walk with you through any aspect of change and development. All I ask is that we make a conscious effort to align our development with each other and the wider world.

Every moment brings a seed of development, an opportunity for collaboration and a chance to change the world.

 Email david[at] now to book a Walk in Development and get started on our journey.